Grab your supplies and host a card making craft party for family and friends. Everyone will love getting together for an afternoon of crafting fun. Each attendee can come away with multiple cards to use for occasions throughout the year. These same ideas can be used when hosting a workshop for the community or paying members that want to learn your paper crafting techniques.

Card making Craft Party Set Up Tips

Whether this is your first time hosting one of these crafting events or your fifteenth, you might need some tips to help your event go more smoothly. Here are our best tips for a crafting night of card making fun.

  1. Cover your tables or work surfaces. Cheap plastic table clothes work well here. This makes clean up easy at the end of the night and ensures no surfaces.
  2. If you expect a crowd, consider setting up stations. One for embossing, one for adhesives, one for embellishments, etc, This will keep everyone happy and moving around the room to mingle.
  3. Get your attendees to RSVP so you know approximately how many people you will have in order to plan accordingly. Make sure you tell each guest how many cards they can make based on attendance and supplies available.
  4. Variety is the name of the game! Every individual has different tastes so keeping things interesting with a wide variety of styles in your supplies is a must.
  5. Consider giving some example cards. Some people do not do well with free form creativity so have some examples they can follow handy. Be sure to make these example cards beginner friendly as you are sure to have some new crafters in the crowd.
  6. If kids are welcome at your event, consider setting up an age-appropriate craft activity to give the adults kid-free time to create.
  7. Arrive early for set-up. There is nothing worse than not being ready when your first guest hits the door.
  8. Food and drink are your friends! There is nothing worse than someone who is hungry and aggravated with a craft project!

Using Embossing Folders

If you have never used embossing folders before, don’t fear! They are super easy to use! You can either emboss a single sheet of card stock or the front of a card.

Add the surface to be embossed to the embossing folder then put it between the plates that come with your machine. In this case, a shim is needed with this machine if just using a single sheet of card stock. This can be omitted if doing the front of a card. Then just run the entire sandwich into your machine. Open up the folder to reveal the emboss. The folders can be used again and again to create dozens of cards, making them perfect for card making parties. The same steps above can be used on the front of a card just add the card front inside of the embossing folder and wrap the back around the folder before putting in your “sandwich” for embossing.