Social WiFi Hotspot has been a trending word recently with the rise of the new hotspot systems allowing people to login via their Social Media accounts. Many establishments are jumping onboard and looking into this solution to beef up their digital marketing campaigns while maximizing their WiFi amenity and Social WiFi providers are growing in numbers expanding to the furthest areas.
WiFi Advertising is not new, but we believe that it needs to be partnered up with Social WiFi Hotspots to create a better value for both establishments and service providers.




Here’s 3 reasons why Social WiFi Hotspot needs WiFi Advertising:

  1. Better Upside – Simply selling this as a service would have a limited upside for the service provider. By adding advertising, the provider can leverage advertisers to increase revenue per Access Point.
  2. Faster Expansion– You can share revenues with the establishments which allows them to earn and align interests with you. You can also use the money to subsidize their fees to lower costs or give the service for free.
  3. Advertising Impact – WiFi advertising has a unique angle in advertising, it allows you to promote digitally where people on-the-go would spend their time on. It’s local, mobile and social, the impact is even better by showing them a highly relevant and targeted ad.

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